Monday, August 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

The weekend was tons of fun. We went out on Saturday night and made some new friends and went to a couple different places. It was my first time going to a bar without smoking and it was so easy not to smoke. It was weird on the way home I could still smell the smoke and it bothered me. The smell of smoke never bothered me when I was smoking. Sunday was a lazy day and Darin got his hair cut. It is raining right now and me, Shadow, and Spooky are just hanging out watching TV. I have felt pretty sick since Wednesday and it does not seem to be getting better. I have a doctors appointment soon so I should find out what is going on. There is not to much going on here. I guess that's all I have to write. Oh I almost forgot! I ordered Darin's birthday cake! (I know it is early) It is going to be a brownie cake with peanut butter butter cream inside, whip cream frosting and fondant bats, pumpkins, black cats, (Halloween theme.) I am so excited about it!

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