Monday, January 3, 2011

100th post!!!!!

Some of my blogs are sad, happy, mean, bitter, etc. For my 100th post I will talk about how great my husband is. I want this to be a happy blog and the best, most happy thing in my life is my husband.

He is such a great guy!!! This past year has been hard and no matter how stressful his job or how much he works he is always here for me. He has been my best friend, my lover, my shoulder to cry on, the man who puts up with all my bullshit and only loves me more at the end of the day. Some days I put him through hell. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He really is my rock, I stay strong because of the love I have for him. I would be lost without him. Before the fist deployment I took our time together for granted and now I make sure to cherish everyday and find more joy in the little things. Laying in bed watching tv with my head on his chest, not talking or moving just being there together. Sitting down and being able to have dinner together everyday is amazing, even though we eat dinner at 2:30pm. Any time I am away from him I miss him and cant wait to see him again. I love every second we get to spend together. We argue sometimes about little things but who doesn't? There is nothing about him I don't know and there is nothing about me he doesn't know. If there was a such thing as a "perfect relationship" we would have it. We compliment each other so much. I am so lucky I have the privileged of being a stay at home wife. I get to see Darin when ever he is not working and I get to cook for him and clean for him. I love that he works hard so I can be home to take care of him. If it ever came down to it and we needed money I would work in a heart beat. I don't stay home because I am lazy or cant find a job. I stay home because my husband and I have talked about it at length and have decided it is the best thing for us. He makes me laugh when I am crying and he makes me laugh when I am happy. He is the best husband!!!! I love my husband so much and the thing I love most is being his wife. I am proud to say he is my husband and I will love him for the rest of my life.