Thursday, January 6, 2011

Due Date....

Today is the day! In April when we found out we were pregnant this day was such an exciting day to think about. We would have the baby we had tried for for so long. We would have our child in our arms. After the miscarriage this day had become a day I dreaded. People I have talked to say this day doesn't matter because I lost the baby. It may not matter to them but they have never lost a baby. I am sick of people telling everything will be fine. The people giving me stupid advice have never been through what I have. Today is a hard day! It is a sad day! Today all our dreams would have come true and we would have had a healthy baby. Instead I am sitting here thinking of what would have been and Darin is getting stuff done for work. I feel that we became parents the day we got pregnant. Some people say "you are not a mother till you hold your baby" but to me I am a mother. I have tried to become pregnant, I have fought to carry my baby, I tried my best to keep the baby healthy. We will never know why our first baby died but we are still that babies parents! Today is a day full of emotion and people who have not been through what I have are not making it any easier.


  1. Don't listen to what anyone has said to you about this, they have no idea what you are going through. I am so very sorry for your loss.