Monday, January 10, 2011

Pictures Day 10 to Day 19

Day 10 a random picture of me - me in 2008
Day 11 a night you wont forget - watching family guy at the hospital on June 21st when we lost the baby
Day 12 day you were really happy - New Years 2011 our first time getting to kiss at midnight
Day 13 a photo of favorite movie - sex in the city
Day 14 a photo of your best friend - me and brittany in december
Day 15 you and a family member - me and my sister July 2010
Day 16 a photo from child hood - i dont have one on the computer
Day 17 a trip you will never forget - road trip to Beaty, NV with Darin
Day 18 your hometown - Everett MA
Day 19 last summer - fishing with Darin July 1st 2010

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