Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving

Well hubby has a broken elbow, he fell at work because of the snow and broke it. He is in a sling and on pain killers but it seems to be doing alot better then when it happened. He is still working but not doing much. Last night I messed up my back pretty bad and it is still killing me. There is not much else going on here. We are having a date day this weekend! We don't set aside time to go on a "date" often just because we usually do anything we want anyways. Like if we want to go out to eat we go we don't need a special day or time to do it. This weekend we are going to a movie and the mall and maybe out to eat. During the summer we take mini road trips and see new things but during the winter because of the snow we don't go to far. Darin's math class started last night and his teacher gave him the ok to bring me with him to take his notes. I am not to excited to sit there for four hours taking notes but it should be interesting. Math was never my favorite subject but at least I wont have to take any test or anything. We got an elliptical machine on Monday and I am really excited about it the only thing I don't like is it is in the living room. I know if we put it in the spare room we will never use it. Well that is all for now, I don't really have much to write.

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