Tuesday, January 4, 2011

we need to move!!!

My OB called this morning with the results from the test on the baby. He said there was something wrong with a chromosome and I should meet with a genetic counselor. The genetic counselor only comes once every four months and my OB said "you can call me with any questions but I don't really know anything about chromosomes." That is not really helpful at all. He really didn't give me any information other then it only happens 1% of the time. What the fuck are the odds that I would be infertile, have a miscarriage, get pregnant again and have another miscarriage because of a 1% of the time thing? Now we have to wait for another doctor to do more test to see if we can even have a fucking baby. I want this to be over! I want to know one way or the other if we can have a baby. If we can then we will keep trying and if not we can just be fucking done and move on with our lives. I hate the doctors up here, not just because they are rude but because no one knows what the fuck is going on. They keep telling me to see another doctor or they take more blood. What the fuck is a doctor going to do when he can only see me once every four months and that is if I can get an appointment. We need to move someplace with all the doctors we need right there. I will see how it goes but if I cant get an appointment with the genetic counselor we are putting in for a PCS due to medical reasons. Oh and don't tell me I can just go somewhere else to see a doctor with out moving because I cant. It takes two people to have a baby and my husbands job is not going to give him two weeks off to travel to see a doctor. We need to live there. All I want are some answers not more questions!!!!

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  1. I'm a Genetic Counselor in California and came across your posting. Sorry you're having such a hard time finding answers. I don't work for this company, but I know they offer Genetic Counseling by telephone specifically to help folks who live in remote areas access high quality services. http://www.informeddna.com/

    Ask your Doc for a referral to them and schedule an appointment.