Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....ticket!

This picture is of Darin's elbow on 1-8-11. Today is not to great over here. Darin fell at work AGAIN and landed on his right elbow again. Poor guy is in so much pain and he cant see the doctor till 1pm. It is swollen and bloody, pretty gross. I have been spotting since yesterday and my cramps and back pain are so bad I can hardly move. We got a ticket for the foot of snow on the sidewalks and I did what I could but I swear my spin is twisted like a pretzel in my back right now. I didn't feel to good last night so I took Nyquil at 2am and Darin called me at 5am to tell me he was coming home so he could go to the doctor. I tried to nap a little while ago but that didn't happen. I hate being in so much pain! This will be the first period since the last miscarriage and I am not to sure how to feel about it. I am sad because it is reminding me I am not pregnant but then again I guess it is a new start of a new cycle that could bring a baby. Really I am just in to much pain to think about it and I am busy thinking about how much pain my hubby is in. Spooky is being really good and hanging out on the couch. Shadow is on the kitchen counter playing with something making all kinds of noise. Sorry this blog is a little random. My mind is all over the place right now. Ok I think this is all for now I am going to get a drink and try to get rid of this pain before we have to go back to the doctor.

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