Wednesday, April 27, 2011

be warned! a little TMI!!!

I had another ultrasound this morning! For the first time I had a guy do it and I must say he was kind of cute. I have no issue with who does it and I really prefer guy doctors anyway. It hurt so bad!!! It was going ok at first then he moved over to my right ovary and it all went down hill. I really think my right ovary is so sick of getting its picture taken that it hid. It took alot of pushing and tons of pain but he got a good picture. I talked to my OB and he said my follicles looked great and there were a few really big ones!!! He told me to take the Overdril shot (HCG, pregnancy hormone, shot) and to have sex this afternoon and then again tomorrow night and then every other day after that. We have not had sex in three freaking days because of the ultrasounds so I am pretty excited to get laid!!

I am still in alot of pain so I am just trying to relax until Darin wakes up. He has class tonight and next Monday is his last math class! I packed his suitcase last night and he leaves for vacation in about two weeks. I am going to miss him so much while he is away! I hope while he is gone I find out I am pregnant so I will have good news to tell him when he gets home!

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