Friday, April 15, 2011

sorry for all the blogs today

Ok one more blog today and I will be done till another day! Scream 4 came out today and because Darin is working we cant go see it till next week. We are going to watch the first three Scream movies and then go to the mall to see the fourth. I love scary movies and it sucks because most of them are not even scary anymore. I hope Scream 4 is really good! Darin is going to North Carolina in May, I am excited for him but at the same time it is going to suck not seeing him. I am still in alot of pain from this morning and it sucks because I have not been able to get much done. I am doing laundry and did dishes but I don't see the laundry getting put away till tomorrow. I wanted to organize the DVDs tonight but I just cant stand for to long. It is only 8pm but I think I am going to head to bed in a little while and lay with the heated blanket. I really hope the ultrasound on the 25th is not as bad as today!

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