Friday, April 29, 2011

why cry? why not cry?

My period is due in thirteen days and that means I can go in on that day and get a pregnancy test or I can wait about a week and a half and go in then for the test. I would love to know that day but then again what if I don't get pregnant. A negative test would suck and waiting for the call with the results is shitty!! I think getting my period might be a better way to find out I am not pregnant. Darin will be on vacation during all of this so it will be up to me when to go in and get tested. If I am not pregnant it will suck not having Darin here with me but if I am pregnant I can tell him in a really cute way when he gets back. I said in an earlier blog I am so torn about what to feel this month! I am going to try and wait as long as I can before I go in for the test, I really really hate waiting for that phone call.

Some days I have been filled with so much hope and truly feel like I am going to get pregnant and other times I just want to cry because I think I may never get pregnant again. I think what if I messed up my ONLY two chances to have a baby. I have been really emotional since being on the Clomid and I take that as a good sign. I was watching Gilmore Girls today and I was crying so hard because the town had the party for Rory and I thought it was so sweet. I watched some of the royal wedding and I cried for pretty much no reason. I love and hate that I cry about nothing!

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