Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blah Blah Blah!!! Grow up please!

Well here are my thoughts on the military MAYBE not getting paid. Darin and I have tons of money saved and can go months and months with out a paycheck if we have to. If the military does not get paid we will be spending extra money on food so I can cook for the people who cant buy food. Here is my opinion and you can agree, disagree, like, or not like it, I don't care. The military gets paid pretty freaking good. On one income my husband and I had no issue paying off his truck a year and a half early and saving plenty of money. People need to focus on saving money and setting up a budget. If you don't have cash for something that you want then don't buy it. If you want a new TV then save up the money and buy the TV, why put it on a credit card? Some people (NOT ALL) need to take responsibility and stop complaining and blaming other people. My husband and I work hard to save the money we can and we never buy anything we don't need unless we have the cash for it. The truck is now paid off and I am proud to say that when we go to buy another car (whenever that might be) we can and will pay cash for it. Saving money is not easy and you cant just do it over night, it takes hard work and determination but it can be done. At the end of the day the military will not let you or your family go with out food. Some people (NOT ALL) need to just grow up and learn to manage their money!


  1. I have to agree with you. Too many people do not think of the what ifs of the future and just spend their money without saving. I paid my entire college tuition due to budgeting our finances and we are easily able to afford a BMW because we had the cash saved away to put down a good down payment. Although us not getting paid is absolute BS, I am not worried because we can survive for a couple months on what we have. And fortunately I just got a job and start next week so we will have some sort of an income coming in.
    ~Jackie =o)

  2. i agree it is BS that the military would not get paid in the first place. i feel very lucky that we have the money and that we have the extra money to help out people that need it.

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