Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have to say I feel like SHIT! The pills are kicking my ass and have never made me feel this bad. I still have to go in for another ultrasound then get an HCG shot then have sex and wait. I hate not feeling good because I feel like I cant get anything done. I sit here half the day trying not to throw up and the other half in the bathroom! I will do anything to have a baby and I will not give up but this time is so different then the other three. All the pills have never made me this sick! I can hardly come up with stuff to make for dinner because just thinking about food makes me want to throw up. I am so lucky to have the husband I do, he has been so sweet! He is the one that has kept me strong when I feel like giving up! We should find out the third week in May if I am pregnant or not. Darin will be on vacation so I will find out alone and then figure out how to tell him.

On to something else...We are having pictures done on May 10th and I am so excited! I am pretty sure I know what I am wearing but not sure what Darin is going to wear. I think I want him to wear his uniform but he is not to excited about that idea.

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