Saturday, April 16, 2011

freaking pills!!!

Since I started the Clomid I figured I need to take all my pills without missing any. So now I feel like crap because all the pills I take make me feel sick! To make matters worse I am craving Ice Cream and I really want to eat it but Ice Cream makes me sick all the time. Usually I crave salty things when I am on my period but this time it is all about the sweets! So again the freaking computer is acting funny! I think it may be time to get a new one, at least all my files and pictures are backed up this time! I have a list of stuff I can make for dinner and none of it looks good! Oh well I guess I will figure it out. I cant wait till Monday night, after Darin's class, we get to hang out and just relax! I hate when I feel sick, I feel like I don't get anything done when I feel crappy!

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