Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you may think its weird....

Some people might think I am weird because I take alot pictures and save stuff (like: hospital bracelets, the shot I took today, positive pregnancy test, etc.) I dont really care if people dont like it because to me all those things are memories of my babies. I cant look at my babies everyday or make new memories with them. All I have is the stuff and it all holds a special place in my heart. Mothers Day is coming up soon and I am not sure how to feel. Last year I was pregnant for Mothers Day and Darin made me breakfast in bed. I was also pregnant for Fathers Day last year and I made Darin breakfast in bed. We are panning to do the same this year and some people may judge and say we are not "real" parents but if anything, couples like us are the forgotten parents. Just because you can hold my child in your arms does not mean I am not a mother. I have two babies that never got a chance to be born and grow up but they are still my kids! When asked how many kids I have I always say two. I loved both those babies before they were even created and I already love the baby that may or may not be created in the next few days. Do I need or want Mothers Day gifts? No I just want people to recognize that I am indeed a mother.

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