Monday, April 18, 2011

genetic doctor

As most of you know we had the second baby tested and she had chromosomes issues. My OB told us to see a genetic doctor. The doctor only comes to Minot once every six months but he is only four hours and we are able to travel and get paid back for it if we need too. We go to see him on June 8th and I have to say I am pretty excited to meet him! Dealing with the ladies in his office has been great! They are all so nice and do their best to answer all my questions. I called today to see if they got the results of our chromosome blood work and they did! Both mine and Darin's chromosome blood work came back normal!!!! That is very good news, it is starting to look more and more like the second miscarriage was just something that randomly happened. As of right now we still don't have any for sure answers but we do know that the chromosome issue only happens 1% of the time so it may never happen again! It is a big weight off my shoulders to know the blood work was normal. I wish we had some more for sure answers but I will take anything I can get! I am so excited for Darin to wake up so I can tell him the good news!!!!

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