Saturday, April 30, 2011

a year ago April 30th 2010

Lets start a couple days before, on April 28th 2010 I took a pregnancy test. It was negative and I was sure the Clomid didn't help me get pregnant. I sat on the floor in our closet and I cried for hours! I got myself off the floor and went on with my day not very happy at all. I was having some weird cramps (not like period cramps) but I just pushed the pain to the back of my mind. April 30th 2010 (the day my period was due) I woke up, went to the bathroom and there on the toilet paper was the dreaded first spot. I cried again and thought for sure my period was going to show up later in the day. My weird cramp pain had continued to get worse and Darin said I had to go to the ER. I told him that I could just wait till Monday and see the doctor on base because I was not pregnant. He talked me into testing again. He was upstairs and I went into the bathroom with the cup and test in hand. I peed in the cup, used the thing to put a few drops on the test, and I waited. I swear I saw two lines! I was looking at it for so long I was afraid I was imagining the two lines so I ran upstairs and made Darin look at it! That was it, the test was positive and we could not have been more excited! I got ready and we went to the ER to make sure the pain had nothing to do with the baby. Turns out I had a UTI but they did another pregnancy test at the ER and at 11:53pm the doctor came into the room to tell us we were for sure pregnant!!! Looking back on that night I remember it like it was yesterday! It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Mine and Darin's dreams came true that night, we loved that baby more then anything! Our baby should be almost 4 months old right now, we may have empty arms but our baby will always be in our hearts.

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